Dysbiosis and Diabetic Retinopathy Engaging Visualization

Client: Dr. Ximena Mira Lorenzo, Ophthalmologist

Challenge: Dr. Ximena Mira Lorenzo approached IDC Collective with the unique task of creating a visually compelling and informative representation of the complex processes of dysbiosis and diabetic retinopathy. This visual had to be tailored for her presentation at an ophthalmology congress. The challenge was to deliver a clear, concise, and captivating visual in a short timeframe.

Our Creative Approach: To tackle this challenge, IDC Collective adopted a creative approach that would transform intricate medical concepts into a visually engaging narrative. We understood that the key to success was to convey the journey from microbiota dysbiosis to its impact on the bloodstream, ultimately leading to retinal complications.

We decided to craft a storyline that effectively communicated these processes. The narrative was brought to life through a dynamic video edition that seamlessly integrated stock footage with digitally composited animated elements. This fusion enhanced the overall storyline, making it visually engaging and easy to comprehend.

Expertise Matters: A critical factor that contributed to the success of this project was the medical background of our Creative Director, David Yáñez. With a deep understanding of the medical concepts provided by Dr. Mira Lorenzo, we were able to bridge the gap between complex medical terminology and accessible visualization. This expertise ensured that the final visual effectively conveyed the message Dr. Mira wanted to share with her peers at the ophthalmology congress.

In the end, our collaborative efforts resulted in a visually stunning and highly informative representation of dysbiosis and diabetic retinopathy. The visual not only met but exceeded the expectations of Dr. Ximena Mira, making her presentation a standout success at the ophthalmology congress.

At IDC Collective, we take pride in our ability to translate complex ideas into captivating visuals, bridging the gap between expertise and creativity. This case study is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional creative services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Client Name

Dra. Ximena Mira

Release Date

September 6, 2023

Project Types

Animated video

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