Maxi Transfers' Compliance Training with Engaging Spanish Induction Videos

Client: Maxi Transfers
Project: Compliance Training Induction Videos in Spanish

The Challenge:
Maxi Transfers, a leading money transfer company, approached IDC Collective with a critical need. They required a series of induction videos in Spanish to educate their employees about vital topics such as money laundering, identifying suspicious activities, and the significance of cash transaction reports. These videos needed to highlight the vulnerabilities in their systems and the importance of diligence in knowing their consumers.

Our Solution:
IDC Collective went to work and crafted a solution that would captivate and educate Maxi Transfers’ team. We produced a series of 17 animated videos featuring motion graphics and kinetic text that not only conveyed the crucial information effectively but also maintained the essence of Maxi Transfers’ brand identity.

Our team ensured that the design elements aligned perfectly with the client’s branding, creating a seamless experience for their employees.

Value-added Services:
To enhance the impact of the videos, we provided voice artist services to deliver the content with professionalism and clarity. Additionally, our sound design expertise added a layer of engagement that made the content even more compelling.

The videos have proven to be a game-changer for Maxi Transfers, making compliance training not only informative but also engaging. This case study showcases just one of the 17 videos that are now a cornerstone of Maxi Transfers’ employee induction process, reinforcing the company’s commitment to security, diligence, and knowing their consumers.

IDC Collective is proud to have partnered with Maxi Transfers in transforming their compliance training into an engaging and informative experience.

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Client Name

Maxi Transfers

Release Date

May 30, 2022

Project Types

Induction Video

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