Bridging Cultures and Fighting COVID-19: A Cross-Border Animation


In a heartwarming collaboration with Canal 22 and the Network of Educational and Cultural Radio and Television Stations of Mexico, IDC Collective embarked on a creative journey that transcended borders and united diverse indigenous communities. Our mission? To create a series of animated visuals that would provide vital COVID-19 information in Nahuatl, Mixe, Aymara, and Quechua voices, ultimately supporting vulnerable populations in Mexico and Peru.


The challenge was clear: how do we communicate crucial health information in a culturally sensitive manner? IDC Collective recognized the need for visuals that would resonate with these unique communities while bridging language barriers.

Our Creative Solution

IDC Collective’s creative solution was to craft 3D models and cyclical animations of the Covid-19 virus, intertwining its interior with the series logo. These animations were tailored for use in informational visuals and served as a visual anchor during the episodes.

Services Provided

  1. 3D Modeling: Meticulous 3D modeling brought the virus to life, capturing its complex structure.
  2. 3D Animation: Dynamic animations conveyed the virus’s behavior in an engaging manner.
  3. Lighting and Rendering: Attention to detail in lighting and rendering brought depth and realism to the visuals.
  4. Postproduction with Motion Design: Motion design techniques enhanced the overall storytelling.
  5. Kinetic Texts: The use of kinetic texts ensured that information was accessible to all, even to those with varying levels of literacy.

The Outcome

IDC Collective’s creative execution, accomplished in just three weeks, successfully integrated cultural sensitivity with informative content. The animations and visuals have become powerful tools in the fight against COVID-19, empowering indigenous communities with essential knowledge.

The Miniseries Premiere

The miniseries, titled “Virus, el conocimiento es tu mejor prevención” premiered on June 2020, on both Canal 22 and the Educational and Cultural Radio and Television Network of Mexico. Additionally, these invaluable pieces of information will be made available on the website, as well as on the internet spaces of the associated firms.

This project exemplifies how creativity, cultural respect, and technology can come together to make a positive impact on society. We’re honored to have been part of this initiative and look forward to more opportunities to create meaningful content that transcends borders.

Client Name

Canal 22

Release Date

October 5, 2020

Project Types

3D Animation

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