Transforming Learning Lands with a Captivating Demo Video

Client: Macmillan Education

Challenge: Macmillan Education approached us with the task of creating a compelling demo video for their British book series, Learning Lands. This series offers robust vocabulary and grammar practice, along with ample exam preparation, emphasizing both academic success and personal wellbeing and growth. They needed a video that would effectively showcase the series’ features, ensuring it resonated with teachers and students.

Solution: We embarked on this project by leveraging a given audio track and stock media preview footage. Our creative team at IDC Collective got to work, transforming these resources into an eye-catching and engaging video. Here’s how we accomplished it:

  1. Motion Graphics: We integrated dynamic motion graphics that brought the Learning Lands brand to life. These graphics helped convey the series’ vibrancy and educational excellence.

  2. Doodle Effects: To add a touch of creativity and whimsy, we incorporated doodle effects throughout the video. These effects not only caught the viewer’s attention but also reinforced the idea that learning can be fun and imaginative.

  3. Kinetic Texts: We used kinetic text to highlight key features and benefits of the Learning Lands series, ensuring that the audience could easily understand the value it offers.

Results: Our demo video successfully encapsulated the essence of Learning Lands. Macmillan Education’s brand was effectively communicated, and the video resonated with both educators and students. The video served as a powerful marketing tool, promoting the series’ unique blend of academic preparation and personal development.

At IDC Collective, we’re proud to have collaborated with Macmillan Education in advancing their mission to promote effective learning experiences. This case study underscores our commitment to creative excellence and the success of our clients in the educational sector.

IDC Collective – Where Creativity Meets Education.

Client Name

Macmillan Education

Release Date

October 22, 2020

Project Types

Animation Demo

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