Engaging Video Production for Macmillan Education's "Kids Can" Course

Client Brief: Macmillan Education, a renowned educational publisher, approached IDC Collective seeking creative video editing and motion graphic animation services for their project “Kids Can.” This initiative aimed to spark curiosity, inspire creativity, develop communicative competence, foster collaboration, and support inclusion in young learners aged 6-7 years old. The project involved the production of 38 videos for a British English course, focusing on a cross-curricular approach, plurilingual strategies, and sustainability.

Creative Production Requirements and Services:

  • Video Length: An average of 2 minutes per video.
  • Target Audience: 6-7-year-olds.
  • Graphic Style: Utilizing motion graphics animation, doodles, time-lapse, and a modern aesthetic tailored to the young audience.
  • Content Mix: The videos combined researched video clips, photos, graphics, and on-screen text. Each video featured children aged 8-12 engaging in activities, ensuring a diverse representation of ethnicities and the inclusion of children with disabilities.
  • No Revealing Clothing: The content emphasized modest clothing, particularly on women, while avoiding flags and maps. The design followed Level 3 guidelines for labeling and design.

Our Creative Services:

  1. Curation of Audiovisual Material: We meticulously selected and curated audiovisual content to align with the course’s educational objectives and age-appropriate themes.

  2. Storyboarding: Our creative team meticulously crafted storyboards to outline the visual journey for each video, ensuring it resonated with the target audience’s interests and learning needs.

  3. Video Editing: We seamlessly combined various media elements, including video clips, photos, and graphics, to create engaging and educational videos.

  4. Motion Graphics and Animation: Leveraging motion graphics and animation, we added a dynamic and visually appealing layer to the videos, making learning more engaging.

  5. Graphic Element Design and Illustration: Our designers created eye-catching graphics and illustrations that brought the course’s concepts to life and captivated young minds.

  6. Postproduction: We applied postproduction techniques, including color correction and sound design, to enhance the overall quality and appeal of the videos.

  7. Sound Design and SFX: Our team also ensured that the audio elements, including sound design and special effects, were both engaging and educational.

Results: The collaboration between IDC Collective and Macmillan Education resulted in a series of 38 captivating, educationally rich videos for the “Kids Can” course. These videos not only aligned with the educational goals but also resonated with the young target audience, inspiring curiosity, creativity, communicative competence, collaboration, and inclusion.

By prioritizing diversity, modesty, and age-appropriate content, we successfully met Macmillan Education’s unique requirements, making these videos a valuable asset for primary education. We are proud to have played a part in supporting young learners on their journey to becoming confident speakers and responsible global citizens.

At IDC Collective, we are committed to delivering creative solutions that engage, educate, and inspire, and this case is just one example of our dedication to producing outstanding content tailored to our clients’ needs.

Client Name

Macmillan Education

Release Date

November 11, 2021

Project Types

Educational videos

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