Transforming Macmillan Education's Vision into Captivating Video Content

Client: Macmillan Education Project: Demo Video for Post Production Services

The Challenge

Macmillan Education, a global leader in educational publishing, sought our expertise at IDC Collective to produce a compelling demo video for their forthcoming series of books. They needed a visually stunning video that showcased the potential of their post-production services.

Our Solution

At IDC Collective, we embraced the challenge head-on, utilizing Macmillan Education’s provided chroma key recordings as our canvas. Our team of creative minds combined our skills in video production, visual effects (VFX), and kinetic text animation to breathe life into their vision.

The Creative Process

  1. Chroma Key Magic: We took Macmillan Education’s raw chroma key recordings and meticulously refined them to set the stage for the video’s transformative journey.

  2. Digital Compositions: Our team created bespoke animated backgrounds that not only added depth and context but also showcased Macmillan’s dedication to innovation in education.

  3. Visual Effects (VFX): With VFX, we injected a dose of magic into the video, enhancing the viewer’s experience and emphasizing the potential for post-production magic.

  4. Kinetic Text Animation: To convey information effectively, we introduced kinetic text elements, ensuring that every word and message flowed seamlessly throughout the video.

The Result

The end product was a dynamic, engaging, and informative video that not only met Macmillan Education’s expectations but surpassed them. Our video succeeded in capturing the essence of their post-production services, underlining their commitment to quality education and innovative publishing solutions.

IDC Collective takes immense pride in our ability to turn client visions into visually compelling realities. We look forward to partnering with more industry leaders, such as Macmillan Education, to continue pushing creative boundaries.

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Client Name

Macmillan Education

Release Date

September 5, 2021

Project Types

Demo video

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