Maximizing Success with IDC Collective

Client: Maxi Transfers, a leading money transfer company

Challenge: Maxi Transfers approached IDC Collective with a unique challenge. They needed an induction video that would effectively train their sales team on the proper usage of their ERP platform for rejected checks. This task required not only clear and informative content but also a creative touch to keep the team engaged.

Our Solution: IDC Collective crafted a dynamic, animated video that featured captivating motion graphics and kinetic text to enhance the learning experience. To reinforce Maxi Transfers’ brand identity, we also developed a stunning 3D animated ID stinger. Additionally, our team provided voice artist services to narrate the video, ensuring a professional and engaging delivery. Sound design was meticulously incorporated to create a comprehensive audio-visual experience.

Multilingual Excellence: Recognizing Maxi Transfers’ global presence, we went the extra mile by creating two versions of the video: one in English and another in Spanish. This ensured that their diverse team could access the content in their preferred language, enhancing comprehension and learning.

Outcome: The project was completed within a swift three-week timeline, enabling Maxi Transfers to promptly initiate training. The resulting video not only educated the sales team on the ERP platform but also left a lasting impact, thanks to the engaging visuals and compelling audio. Maxi Transfers can now rely on our creative expertise to meet their training and branding needs.

Client Name

Maxi Transfers

Release Date

September 10, 2021

Project Types

Induction Video

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