Creating Engaging Character Designs and Animations for Mindjars

At IDC Collective, we were thrilled to collaborate with Mindjars, a forward-thinking company dedicated to fostering emotional strength in children through engaging tools and resources. Mindjars’ mission is to guide young minds on their journey toward becoming the best versions of themselves. To bring their vision to life, they approached us for our creative services.

The Challenge: Designing Unique Characters

Mindjars wanted us to create a main character, MJ, inspired by their company logo, along with eight distinct characters representing various emotions – happiness, anger, sadness, calm, fear, disgust, excitement, gratitude, and shyness. These characters were intended to be the core of their emotional support tools for children. Additionally, Mindjars sought to create 3D models and rigs for these characters to use in animations.

The Solution: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Our journey began with a comprehensive preproduction phase. We immersed ourselves in the world of Mindjars, studying their brand identity, values, and the emotional nuances they wished to convey. We meticulously sketched and conceptualized each character, ensuring that they not only represented the intended emotions but also had a visual appeal that would resonate with children.

The production phase was equally exciting. We used cutting-edge 3D modeling techniques to bring these characters to life. The characters were designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they conveyed their respective emotions through expressions, body language, and colors.

Deliverables: A Multifaceted Toolset

Our team’s efforts resulted in a versatile toolset that Mindjars could use to engage children in their mindful journey. We developed printable designs that kids could color and personalize, HTML animations for web interaction, web and social media promotional animations to spread the word about Mindjars, and an Ebook that incorporated the characters into a compelling narrative.

The Impact: Empowering Children’s Emotional Well-Being

Being part of the Mindjars project was a rewarding experience. We were not just creating characters and animations; we were contributing to a meaningful cause. The tools we designed have the potential to empower children in their emotional growth, allowing them to better understand and express their feelings in a fun and engaging way.

In conclusion, our partnership with Mindjars exemplifies the power of creative services to make a positive impact. Through careful preproduction and skilled production, we were able to create a set of characters and animations that serve as a unique and attractive resource for children, helping them on their mindful journey towards emotional strength and self-discovery. At IDC Collective, we take pride in transforming creative ideas into tangible tools that can change lives.

Client Name


Release Date

July 16, 2021

Project Types

Character Design & 3D Animation

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