Promotional Social Media Video for "Ojos de Plata"

Client: Nunne

Project: Promotional Social Media Video for “Ojos de Plata”

Challenge: Create an engaging social media video to promote Nunne’s new single “Ojos de Plata” from her debut album, “La Selenita“, while conveying the emotions and inspirations behind the song.

Solution: At IDC Collective, we took the challenge of promoting Nunne’s new single to heart. With her incredible journey as a Mexican artist who embarked on a path of self-discovery in Canada during the pandemic, we wanted to capture the essence of “Ojos de Plata” and connect with her audience.

Firstly, we translated the captivating story behind Nunne’s musical journey, her experiences, and the inspiration behind her debut album, “La Selenita”. It is an album born from a profound connection to her Mexican roots and the emotional turbulence of her migration journey. This narrative provided the foundation for our creative approach.

Next, we extracted a 25-second clip from the original music video, focusing on the most emotionally resonant moments. The vertical orientation was chosen to optimize the video for social media platforms, ensuring that it caught the eye of the target audience.

The result was a visually stunning and emotionally charged social media video that effectively conveyed the essence of “Ojos de Plata.” This quick and affordable solution perfectly complemented Nunne’s objective to connect with her fans and promote her music.

Nunne’s story is one of resilience, artistry, and an unbreakable connection to her roots, which inspired “La Selenita.” We are thrilled to have played a part in bringing her music to a broader audience, and we look forward to her upcoming local tour in Montreal and Toronto.

At IDC Collective, we pride ourselves on transforming the unique stories and visions of our clients into compelling and effective creative content.

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August 4, 2023

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Music Video

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