"Un Día de Lluvia" - A Rainy Day of Creative Collaboration

In a unique collaboration with Raval and INDI, IDC Collective had the privilege of supporting the editing and post-production of the enchanting fiction drama short film, “Un Día de Lluvia.” Directed by the talented Julio Godefroy and Alicia Zárate, this cinematic gem takes audiences on a journey through the emotions and connections that the unpredictability of life can bring.

Synopsis: “Un Día de Lluvia” unites a man and a woman at the entrance of a building, seeking refuge from an unexpected downpour. Inspired by the rain’s ambiance, they engage in a conversation that gradually leads to the unfolding of their life stories. Both seem to be exiles, and under this assumption, they establish a profound connection marked by empathy, raising questions about whether it can lead to a shared future.

Festival Highlights: This evocative short film made its mark on the global film festival circuit, earning well-deserved recognition:

  1. First Time Filmmakers Sessions, London, UK (2020): “Un Día de Lluvia” captivated the audience in its first debut, setting the stage for its remarkable journey.

  2. Citadella Geo Film Festival, Citadella, Italia (2020): The film’s cinematic brilliance transcended borders and found a home among international audiences.

  3. Daroca Prison Film Fest, Aragón, España (2020): The film’s narrative complexity and emotional depth struck a chord with festival-goers.

  4. Diorama International Film Festival, New Delhi, India (2020): “Un Día de Lluvia” wowed the global film community, establishing itself as a thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece.

  5. Elipsis: Encuentro Internacional de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas (2021): The film showcased its enduring appeal at this prestigious international arts and science cinema event.

Special Thanks: IDC Collective extends its heartfelt gratitude to the brilliant minds behind “Un Día de Lluvia,” Julio Godefroy and Alicia Zárate, for entrusting us with the post-production and editing of this remarkable project. It’s through partnerships like these that the magic of cinema comes to life, resonating with audiences worldwide. We look forward to more collaborative endeavors that continue to push the boundaries of creative storytelling.

Client Name

IDC Collective

Release Date

October 24, 2018

Project Types

Short Film

Directors Julio Godefroy and Alicia Zárate

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