Tequila Soft's Success Story with Post-Production Magic


Client: TV Azteca

Project: “Mexico Emprende” Documentary Series

Background When TV Azteca approached us at IDC Collective for their “Mexico Emprende” documentary series, we were excited to be part of this project celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit in Mexico. Our task was to edit and enhance the videos for a business feature on Tequila Soft, a company specializing in mobile app development. Despite limited B-roll footage, our post-production team was determined to create a compelling and engaging story that would do justice to Tequila Soft’s remarkable journey.

Challenges Tequila Soft’s story was a diamond in the rough. With minimal supplementary footage, we needed to make the most of what we had. Our primary challenges included:

  1. Limited Footage: The available video assets were limited, and we had to find innovative ways to convey the essence of Tequila Soft’s entrepreneurial journey.

  2. Engagement: Ensuring the audience remained engaged throughout the documentary was a significant concern, given the technical and potentially dry nature of the subject matter.

Our Services IDC Collective employed a range of post-production services to transform Tequila Soft’s documentary:

  1. Media Selection and Cleanup: We meticulously handpicked the most relevant clips and enhanced their quality to ensure a seamless flow of the narrative.

  2. Audio Design: Our audio team worked their magic to ensure that every word spoken and every background sound complemented the storytelling, engaging the viewer’s senses.

  3. Video Editing: With surgical precision, our video editors pieced together the available footage, creating a visually compelling narrative.

  4. Post Production: We fine-tuned color grading, added motion graphics, and polished the final product to give it a professional, cinematic quality.

  5. Graphic Packaging: Our graphic designers created eye-catching lower thirds and overlays that not only provided information but also maintained the aesthetic appeal of the series.

Results The collaborative efforts of IDC Collective and TV Azteca turned a potentially challenging project into a triumph. The Tequila Soft documentary, once a collection of limited resources, emerged as an engaging, informative, and visually captivating piece of storytelling. Tequila Soft’s entrepreneurial journey was showcased in its full glory, and the audience was left inspired by their success story.

At IDC Collective, we believe that the power of post-production lies in its ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We are proud to have contributed to “Mexico Emprende” and look forward to working on more projects that celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship in Mexico and beyond.

Client Name

TV Azteca

Release Date

September 23, 2015

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