Elevating Corporate Communication with Engaging Presentation Videos

Client: Grupo Posadas Project: Corporate Presentation Videos for Internal Communications Campaign

At IDC Collective, we thrive on transforming ordinary concepts into extraordinary visual narratives. Our latest collaboration with Grupo Posadas was no exception. Tasked with creating three corporate presentation videos, our goal was clear: inform the yearly results and enhance brand culture for their Provac Sales and Hotel Operation teams.

Creative Approach: We approached this project with a mission to breathe life into corporate presentations. To achieve this, we employed a dynamic blend of visuals, incorporating stock media, meticulously retouched existing images, motion graphics, and kinetic text animations. Our strategy aimed to encapsulate the essence of Grupo Posadas’ brand identity and culture within an engaging, fun narrative that would leave a lasting impression and foster a sense of belonging among the target audience.

Project Timeline: The entire project, from concept to completion, spanned approximately 8 weeks. This included scriptwriting, extensive stock media research, the selection of a suitable voice artist, and recording, all culminating in the creative execution of three captivating videos.

Results: Our creative collaboration resulted in a series of presentation videos that not only delivered vital information but also left a memorable imprint on Grupo Posadas’ Sales and Hotel Operation teams. The videos succeeded in not only informing but inspiring, fostering a deeper connection to the brand culture.

In the world of corporate communications, the power of creativity cannot be underestimated. IDC Collective is proud to have played a role in Grupo Posadas’ journey towards more engaging, impactful internal communication. We look forward to continuing to push creative boundaries for our clients and delivering outstanding results.

Client Name

Grupo Posadas

Release Date

January 15, 2018

Project Types

Corporate Video

Sentido Provac - General Video
Sentido Provac - Provac Sales
Sentido Provac - Hotel Operation

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