Elevating Corporate Communication with IDC Collective

Client: Grupo Posadas
Project: Provac Regional Sales Report 2018

Challenge: Grupo Posadas, a leading player in the hospitality industry, needed an engaging and dynamic corporate presentation video for their Provac Regional Sales Report of 2018. The challenge was to transform complex statistical data into a compelling narrative while emphasizing the motivational messages from their Vice President and Commercial Director.

Our Creative Solution: IDC Collective devised a creative proposal that perfectly aligned with Grupo Posadas’ objectives. We combined a dynamic slideshow presentation with professionally shot interviews featuring the VP and Comercial Director. This unique blend allowed us to deliver a presentation video that not only showcased the hard numerical results but also conveyed the essence of their leadership.

Result: The end product served as a prime example of our ability to craft tailor-made solutions to address specific internal communication needs. It effectively resonated with Grupo Posadas’ target audience, providing them with the information they needed, packaged in an engaging and motivational format.

Services Provided:

  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Subtitles
  • Motion Graphics

At IDC Collective, we pride ourselves on creating impactful visual content that bridges the gap between data and emotion. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering creative services that exceed our clients’ expectations, no matter the complexity of the task.

Client Name

Grupo Posadas

Release Date

March 7, 2019

Project Types

Corporate Video

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