IDC Collective's 3D Animation for PRODIC Consultores

At IDC Collective, we take pride in our journey of creativity and innovation, and there’s no better testament to our commitment to pushing creative boundaries than our very first 3D animation project. This project was a collaboration with PRODIC Consultores, a prominent Mexican company in the Information Technology & Services sector.

The Challenge:

Our mission was clear: create an enticing promotional video that would draw potential leads to PRODIC’s business stand at the prestigious Prosa Golf Tournament, hosted at the Mexico City Country Club in 2012.

The Creative Vision:

We envisioned a compelling 3D cartoony animation that would narrate the story of a professional coach, symbolizing PRODIC, guiding a golf player, representing a potential client. This concept aimed to make the content not only engaging but also relatable to the tournament attendees.

The Execution:

The entire project spanned over five intense weeks, encompassing the development of the storyboard and the meticulous execution of the creative vision. Our team of skilled animators and creative minds poured their heart and soul into bringing this vision to life.

The Result:

The final 3D animation was a resounding success. It not only achieved its objective of attracting potential leads to PRODIC’s business stand but also garnered attention and accolades from the tournament attendees. The playful, yet professional, narrative struck a chord with the audience and left a lasting impression.

A Grateful Acknowledgment:

We owe a special note of gratitude to Ivonne Isla Solther, whose unwavering support and belief in IDC Collective played an instrumental role in kickstarting our creative journey.

This case study stands as a testament to IDC Collective’s ability to transform creative ideas into compelling and effective visuals. It’s a reflection of our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering exceptional results. We look forward to many more exciting projects that push the envelope of creativity and innovation.

Client Name


Release Date

September 30, 2012

Project Types

3D Animation

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