Entrepreneurial Success Stories with TV Azteca - The Prysmex Project

Client: TV Azteca
Project: “Mexico Emprende” Documentary Series Collaboration

Client’s Challenge:
TV Azteca, a leading Mexican television network, sought to create a captivating documentary series titled “Mexico Emprende” to showcase the remarkable success stories of emerging Mexican businesses. They reached out to IDC Collective to transform raw footage into engaging narratives for one of the featured businesses, Prysmex.

The Entrepreneurial Gem: Prysmex:
Prysmex is a pioneering Mexican company, specializing in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and real-time data collection to detect and prevent accidents on construction sites. This innovative solution addresses a critical industry need, making Prysmex a true entrepreneurial gem.

Our Creative Approach:
IDC Collective took on the challenge of bringing Prysmex’s journey to life, despite limited B-roll footage. Our post-production prowess came to the fore, and we employed a range of services to craft a compelling story:

  1. Media Selection and Cleanup: We meticulously curated the available footage, choosing the most impactful shots that resonated with Prysmex’s mission.

  2. Audio Design: By enhancing the audio quality and layering in compelling soundscapes, we provided a truly immersive viewing experience.

  3. Video Editing: Our team worked tirelessly to piece together a narrative that showcased Prysmex’s entrepreneurial journey, highlighting their achievements and challenges.

  4. Post Production: We applied the final polish, smoothing transitions and ensuring the overall visual coherence of the documentary.

  5. Graphic Packaging: Our designers crafted custom graphics and animations to reinforce key messages and branding elements.

The Result:
Our post-production magic transformed a modest amount of footage into a riveting tale of Prysmex’s rise to success. TV Azteca’s “Mexico Emprende” series successfully shared this remarkable entrepreneurial journey with its audience, illustrating the impact of Prysmex’s innovative safety solutions.

At IDC Collective, we understand that every project presents unique challenges. For TV Azteca’s “Mexico Emprende” series, our post-production services turned limited resources into an engaging, inspirational narrative. We take pride in helping our clients tell their stories effectively, bringing their creative visions to life.

Client Name

TV Azteca

Release Date

September 23, 2015

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