Macmillan Education's Book Series with Engaging 2D Animation

Client: Macmillan Education Service Provided: 2D Animated Video Production Project Description: Creating a Demo Video for a British Book Series

Challenge: Macmillan Education, a renowned global publisher, approached IDC Collective with the challenge of developing an engaging demo video for one of their prestigious British book series. They required a visually captivating, 2D animated video that would not only showcase the essence of their educational content but also captivate the hearts and minds of their diverse audience, from pre-primary to adult learners and professionals.

Solution: IDC Collective took this challenge head-on. Leveraging a provided audio track, our team set to work, employing a range of creative techniques to craft a compelling and informative 2D animated video.

  • 2D Puppet Animation: To breathe life into the characters and scenes, we utilized the art of 2D puppet animation, allowing for dynamic and expressive character movements.

  • Illustrated Artwork: Our talented illustrators meticulously crafted the characters and elements of the video, ensuring they aligned perfectly with Macmillan Education’s brand and vision.

  • Animated Cut-Out Backgrounds: Dynamic and ever-changing backgrounds were designed to maintain viewer interest and complement the storytelling.

  • Doodle Effects: A touch of whimsy was added to the video with doodle effects, creating an engaging visual experience.

  • Kinetic Texts: To keep viewers engaged and informed, kinetic texts were incorporated, presenting the content in a captivating and easy-to-follow manner.

Results: The end result was a captivating 2D animated video that not only met but exceeded Macmillan Education’s expectations. The video effectively showcased the British book series while maintaining the educational integrity and engaging the diverse audience of learners and professionals.

At IDC Collective, we take pride in our ability to transform creative ideas into stunning visual content that resonates with our clients and their target audiences. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored creative services that make a lasting impact.

If you have a creative project in mind, whether it’s animation, design, or any other creative service, don’t hesitate to reach out to IDC Collective. We’re here to bring your vision to life.

Client Name

Macmillan Education

Release Date

February 2, 2020

Project Types

Demo video

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