Grandes Momentos with Fiesta Americana - ATL Branding TV Spot

Client: Grupo Posadas Project: “Grandes Momentos” Branding Promotional Video Year: 2014

At IDC Collective, we were entrusted with the task of creating a captivating and memorable branding promotional video for Grupo Posadas as a part of their 2014 Above the Line (ATL) Advertising TV campaign, “Grandes Momentos.” The challenge was clear: we had to encapsulate the essence of the brand, its culture, and the unforgettable experiences it offers in a mere 5 seconds.

The Creative Approach: Our team embarked on a creative journey to craft a compelling 5-second video. We chose to use an animation style reminiscent of Polaroid photographs stacking up, each frame capturing a different joyous family vacation moment. This approach enabled us to convey the brand’s identity, essence, and values in a visually engaging and emotionally resonant way. With each picture that appeared, the campaign’s tagline was seamlessly incorporated, reinforcing the brand’s message.

Results: The resulting video was a hit. In just 5 seconds, we managed to create a lasting impression, leaving viewers with a vivid image of Grupo Posadas’ commitment to creating “Grandes Momentos.” The concise yet impactful nature of the video made it a perfect fit for ATL broadcast purposes, where brevity and memorability are key.

Our work with Grupo Posadas exemplifies our ability to distill a brand’s identity into a brief yet powerful message, creating unforgettable moments for our clients. This project remains a testament to the effectiveness of creative storytelling in the world of advertising.

If you’re looking to make a big impact in a short amount of time, don’t hesitate to reach out to IDC Collective. We specialize in turning brief moments into grand experiences!

Client Name

Grupo Posadas

Release Date

January 7, 2014

Project Types

Promotional Video

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