Elevating Wedding Destination Sales with Web Animation

Client: Grupo Posadas

Project: Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts Wedding Destination Sales Campaign

Client’s Vision Grupo Posadas, a renowned hospitality group, approached IDC Collective with a unique request: they needed a captivating promotional animated web banner to boost wedding destination sales for their Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts. The video was to be showcased on hotel booking websites and various social media platforms.

Our Approach At IDC Collective, we immediately recognized the need for a visually striking and concise promotional web banner to pique the interest of potential wedding planners and travelers. With a tight timeline and a wealth of existing media resources at our disposal, we set to work.

Crafting the Perfect 5 Seconds To meet Grupo Posadas’ objectives, we decided on a 5-second video that would leave a lasting impression. We knew that every second counted, and our creative team put their expertise to work.

Leveraging Existing Assets Our talented team masterfully curated media stock imagery and used high-quality photos of Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts’ stunning destinations. By combining these assets, we created a visually captivating animated background composition that exuded the essence of these dream wedding destinations.

Meeting Deadlines Despite the project’s tight timeline, we delivered a breathtaking 5-second promotional web banner within just one week. This swift turnaround allowed Grupo Posadas to promptly launch their wedding destination sales campaign, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Results The promotional web banner crafted by IDC Collective enabled Grupo Posadas to make a strong impression on potential customers seeking the perfect wedding destination. The concise yet striking visual content was instrumental in driving bookings and engagement on hotel booking sites and social media.

In this project, our team at IDC Collective demonstrated our commitment to creativity, efficiency, and delivering results that exceed our client’s expectations. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the Fiesta Americana Hotels & Resorts wedding destination sales campaign. If you have a creative project in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to IDC Collective for exceptional solutions tailored to your needs.

Client Name

Grupo Posadas

Release Date

August 15, 2013

Project Types

Promotional Video

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