Elevating Grupo Hotelero Prisma's Hotel Promotion with an Interactive Digital Brochure

At IDC Collective, we are passionate about helping businesses enhance their digital presence through creative design solutions. When Grupo Hotelero Prisma approached us with a unique challenge, we were eager to rise to the occasion. Their request was simple yet crucial: create an engaging digital brochure in both English and Spanish for one of their prestigious hotels, the Holiday Inn & Suites Mérida La Isla.

Our creative team proposed a dynamic solution – an interactive PDF brochure. This approach not only showcased the hotel’s elegance but also offered a user-friendly experience for potential guests.

Our dedicated designers worked tirelessly for two weeks, meticulously retouching and enhancing the images provided by the client. The result was a visually stunning, bilingual digital brochure that left a lasting impression on viewers.

This project perfectly exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored creative services that align with our clients’ needs. We are proud to have contributed to Grupo Hotelero Prisma’s marketing success, elevating the Holiday Inn & Suites Mérida La Isla’s profile in the competitive hospitality industry.

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Client Name

Grupo Hotelero Prisma

Release Date

October 1, 2019

Project Types

Digital Brochure

English version
Spanish version

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