Dynamic Email Communication Tutorial for Grupo Hotelero Prisma

Challenge: Grupo Hotelero Prisma sought an innovative solution to enhance communication across its diverse business areas through effective email usage.

Our Creative Solution: IDC Collective rose to the challenge with a dynamic and engaging corporate video tutorial. Our concept simulated the email interface, demonstrating both correct and inappropriate uses of email communication. To achieve this, we leveraged motion graphics animation, seamless transitions, and kinetic text to spotlight best practices and functional processes.

Execution: Over the course of three weeks, we meticulously crafted this project. The process included script development, the selection and recording of a skilled voice artist, and the creative execution of the video.

Results: The final product was a visually appealing, informative, and entertaining tutorial that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Grupo Hotelero Prisma’s staff members now possess a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize email communication, enhancing productivity and streamlining their daily operations.

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Client Name

Grupo Hotelero Prisma

Release Date

October 9, 2019

Project Types

Induction Video

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