Creative Video for Fibra Inn's GHP Brand

Client: Fibra Inn

Project: Corporate Video for GHP (Grupo Hotelero Prisma)

At IDC Collective, we were excited to collaborate with Fibra Inn to create a captivating corporate video that would introduce their new brand within the hotel operation business line, GHP (Grupo Hotelero Prisma). Our mission was to transform their vision into a visually stunning and engaging video presentation.

Creative Approach:

Our creative approach was centered around making a dynamic and impactful presentation using a mix of images provided by the client and carefully curated library images. We aimed to captivate the audience through animated transitions and kinetic texts that would convey the essence of GHP’s brand.


To ensure the script resonated with GHP’s identity, we collaborated closely with the company’s Internal Communication team. This partnership allowed us to refine the script, offer copyediting services, and assist in the critical processes of voice artist casting and audio recording.

Project Timeline:

This project was a journey of creativity and collaboration that spanned approximately 3 weeks, from conceptualization to the final video product.

The result was a powerful corporate video that not only introduced GHP’s brand but also left a lasting impression on the audience. It was a testament to our dedication to creativity and our ability to deliver outstanding creative services.

At IDC Collective, we pride ourselves on bringing brands to life through creative content. Contact us today to see how we can elevate your brand’s storytelling and engage your audience through the power of visual and audio creativity.

Client Name

Grupo Hotelero Prisma

Release Date

September 30, 2019

Project Types

Corporate Video

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