Creative Production for Fibra Inn's Corporate Induction Video

Client: Fibra Inn

Project: Corporate Induction Video for INGENIOUS HR Tool

At IDC Collective, we were thrilled to collaborate with Fibra Inn on an exciting project. The challenge was clear: create an engaging and informative corporate induction video to introduce their innovative HR tool, INGENIOUS, to the dedicated teams of Hotel Operations (Grupo Hotelero Prisma) and Investment Trust (Fibra Inn).

Approach: To bring Fibra Inn’s vision to life, we took a holistic approach, starting with in-depth research and planning. We conducted insightful video interviews with the company’s directors, gaining valuable insights into the purpose and functionalities of INGENIOUS. These interviews provided us with the foundation for crafting a compelling script that would resonate with the target audience.

Execution: Our talented team then went to work, combining video interviews with carefully curated B-roll footage. To enhance the video’s engagement, we incorporated motion graphics animation and animated text elements. The result was a dynamic and informative video that effectively communicated the benefits and features of INGENIOUS.

Timeline: The entire project, from initial concept to the final edit, was completed in a swift five-week timeframe. This encompassed pre-production, production, and post-production, ensuring that the corporate induction video was ready to make a significant impact.

In collaboration with Fibra Inn, we created a video that successfully introduced INGENIOUS to its diverse teams. This project highlights our commitment to delivering top-notch creative services that engage, educate, and inspire. At IDC Collective, we’re proud to be a part of such forward-thinking initiatives.

Client Name

Fibra Inn

Release Date

March 12, 2019

Project Types

Induction Video

Grupo Hotelero Prisma / INGENIOUS

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