Transforming Pre-Production with Creative Expertise for LED Event Group

At IDC Collective, we pride ourselves on turning creative visions into immersive experiences. Our  collaboration with LED Event Group (LedEG), a renowned production company specializing in events, video transmission, set assembly, and digital displays, perfectly exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-notch creative services.

The Challenge: Pre-Production with a Creative Twist

LedEG approached us to join forces for various government and non-governmental events, emphasizing the pre-production stage of their projects. The challenge was twofold – to create captivating scenographic 3D renders that would set the stage for unforgettable conferences and provide mesmerizing animated loop visuals to be showcased on their state-of-the-art digital wall screens.

Our Approach: Concept, Design, and Animation

For each project, our dedicated team at IDC Collective worked closely with LedEG to ensure every aspect of the pre-production process was seamlessly integrated.

  1. Concept Development: We delved deep into the core themes and messages of each event. Our goal was to align the creative elements with the event’s objectives. Our collaborative approach with LedEG allowed us to understand their vision thoroughly.

  2. Design Excellence: Translating the concept into stunning visual designs was our next step. We created 3D renders that not only complemented the event’s theme but also captivated the audience with innovative designs.

  3. Animation Magic: To make the events truly dynamic, we produced animated loop visuals. These visuals were strategically designed to engage the audience and provide an immersive experience that seamlessly integrated with the physical setups.

Acknowledgments: A Shoutout to Producer Cesar Rodriguez Esperon

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Producer Cesar Rodriguez Esperon from LedEG for entrusting us with their pre-production needs. His unwavering faith in our creative services empowered us to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

At IDC Collective, we understand that pre-production is the canvas upon which successful events are painted. Our commitment to creativity, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit allowed us to contribute to LedEG’s exceptional events, creating seamless conference set assemblies and providing captivating audiovisual elements.

If you’re seeking to elevate your events through creative services, look no further, we’ll be happy to help out. Contact us today, and let’s turn your vision into reality.

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Release Date

February 16, 2017

Project Types

3D Render

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