Elevating Online Presence with Engaging Graphic Packaging and Animated Reports

Client: The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)

Project Overview:

At IDC Collective, we were thrilled to collaborate with the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) to enhance their online presence through captivating graphic packaging and animated reports for their internet channel. The challenge was to create visually striking content that would effectively convey important human rights issues and engage their target audience.

Our Creative Solution:

  1. Eye-catching Animations: To capture the viewer’s attention, we designed compelling animations that drew on a combination of media stock, motion graphics, and kinetic texts. These elements were meticulously crafted to ensure that the message resonated with viewers and left a lasting impact.

  2. Thematic Content: Our team developed a series of animated reports that delved into the channel’s core themes, making the content not only informative but also visually stimulating. The thematic approach allowed us to convey complex human rights issues in a more accessible and engaging manner.

Collaboration with Ariel Vargas:

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to Producer Ariel Vargas, whose collaboration was instrumental in the success of this project. His expertise and guidance ensured that our creative efforts aligned seamlessly with the CNDH’s vision.


The graphic packaging and animated reports created for the CNDH’s internet channel have garnered significant attention and engagement. The content has not only effectively communicated the Commission’s critical messages but has also sparked meaningful discussions on human rights issues.

At IDC Collective, we are proud to have contributed to the CNDH’s mission by using our creative services to amplify their message. This project highlights the power of creativity in conveying essential social messages and demonstrates the positive impact of collaborative efforts.

If you’re looking to enhance your organization’s online presence and effectively communicate your message, don’t hesitate to reach out to IDC Collective. We’re here to transform your vision into captivating visual content.

Client Name

Grupo Hotelero Prisma

Release Date

March 8, 2019

Project Types

Corporate Video

Here is a fraction of the video:

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