Transforming Mexico City's Electrical Landscape - A TV Commercial Production

In 2014, CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) approached IDC Collective with a unique challenge – to craft an end-to-end production service for a TV commercial that would promote the restoration and modernization of the electrical system in Mexico City’s historic downtown. This project would play a pivotal role in educating the public about the extensive changes taking place within the city’s infrastructure.

The Objective: Our task was to create two 30-second ID versions, tailored for both official and commercial schedules, highlighting the significance of this ambitious project. To accomplish this, IDC Collective teamed up with the talented professionals at “DARUM Producciones,” marking the beginning of an inspiring collaboration.

The Creative Process: Our creative approach involved leveraging cutting-edge technology to capture the essence of this transformation. We utilized drone cameras and tracking systems to provide a unique perspective on the project, capturing footage that truly showcased the scale and scope of the modernization effort.

Visual Effects (VFX): To further enhance the impact of the commercial, we integrated VFX lighting effects, symbolizing the introduction of the new electrical infrastructure. This creative choice allowed us to vividly communicate the upgrade’s significance and the positive changes it would bring to the historic city center.

Collaborative Success: This project’s success would not have been possible without the close collaboration with DARUM Producciones. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Producer Uriel Garcia from DARUM for their valuable contributions, which played a pivotal role in achieving our creative vision.

Implications of Creating a TV Commercial: Producing a TV commercial for such a critical public awareness campaign came with significant implications. It allowed us to:

  1. Educate the Public: The TV commercial became a powerful tool for educating the public about the ongoing restoration and modernization efforts, making citizens aware of the changes taking place in their city.

  2. Public Engagement: The visually stunning commercial captured the attention of the public, fostering a sense of engagement and support for the project, which was crucial for its success.

  3. Brand Enhancement: CFE’s brand received a boost, as the commercial portrayed them as an organization committed to improving the city’s infrastructure, earning the trust and goodwill of the public.

In conclusion, the TV commercial “Modernización de la red eléctrica del Centro Histórico” not only achieved its intended purpose but also set an example of how creative services can be used to communicate and drive change, making it an iconic project in IDC Collective’s portfolio.

Client Name


Release Date

August 25, 2014

Project Types

TV Commercial

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