Energizing Education with Positron - A Superhero for Energy Conservation

Client: Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE)

Project Overview:

The Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) approached our boutique creative agency with a unique challenge: they needed an educational video to spearhead a campaign focused on energy conservation. CFE wanted to engage and educate audiences about energy resources and the critical importance of saving energy.

Our Creative Solution:

To breathe life into this project, our creative team devised a captivating concept. We introduced “Positron,” a charismatic superhero who would take viewers on an electrifying journey around the world to explore various energy resources. This 3D-animated character would not only entertain but also educate, making the campaign memorable and effective.

Key Elements:

  1. Character Development: We embarked on an extensive journey, including character modeling, rigging, and animation, to bring Positron to life. His engaging personality was designed to resonate with a wide audience.

  2. Storytelling: A meticulously crafted script and storyboard were developed to ensure a compelling narrative. Positron’s adventures were designed to highlight the significance of energy resources and conservation.

  3. Voice Talent: The choice of a talented voice artist added a vital dimension to Positron’s character, making him even more relatable and memorable.

  4. Visual Appeal: Our team leveraged motion graphics, dynamic transitions, and kinetic texts to enhance the visual appeal, ensuring that the video would leave a lasting impression.

Project Timeline:

This project was executed with precision over the course of approximately 6 weeks. The timeline included conceptualization, script development, storyboard creation, character design, casting and recording of the announcer, and the meticulous execution of the creative elements.


The educational video featuring Positron achieved CFE’s objectives by captivating audiences with an entertaining and informative approach to energy conservation. The campaign not only reinforced the brand’s identity but also promoted a culture of energy-consciousness.

In the end, our creative agency was proud to be part of a project that didn’t just meet the client’s needs but also contributed to a sustainable and energy-efficient future. Positron’s mission to save energy became an inspiring success story, highlighting the power of creative storytelling and 3D animation in conveying important messages.

Client Name


Release Date

July 5, 2015

Project Types

Educational video

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