Creating the Future: IDC Collective's Scenographic Proposal at COP 21 CMP11

In 2015, the world turned its gaze towards Paris as global leaders convened for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21 CMP11). It was a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, and CONAGUA, Mexico’s National Water Commission, was determined to make a statement. They sought the expertise of IDC Collective, a boutique creative agency, to craft a scenographic proposal for the Mexico pavilion, turning their vision into a stunning reality.

The Challenge: CONAGUA needed a powerful visual representation of Mexico’s commitment to addressing climate change, and they needed it fast. IDC Collective was tasked with conceiving both the installation concept and the 3D set design, a monumental challenge with a tight deadline.

The Solution: With creativity and precision, IDC Collective’s team swung into action. After weeks of meticulous planning, brainstorming, and design iterations, the vision began to take shape. The concept was to seamlessly blend Mexico’s natural beauty with its commitment to sustainability. The result was a vibrant, eco-centric pavilion design.

The Execution: It took approximately 5 weeks for IDC Collective to turn their vision into reality. The intricate 3D set design came to life with impeccable craftsmanship, employing eco-friendly materials and innovative techniques.

The Impact: The Mexico pavilion at COP 21 CMP11 became an awe-inspiring testament to Mexico’s dedication to addressing climate change. It not only captivated the event’s attendees but also served as a symbol of hope and innovation. IDC Collective’s creative services had not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

At IDC Collective, we don’t just create solutions; we craft experiences. This project was a testament to our commitment to bringing visions to life, even under tight deadlines. Let us turn your creative ideas into reality and make a lasting impact.

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Release Date

June 10, 2015

Project Types

3D render

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